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Powerwave PS5 5m Controller Charge Cable

Play & Charge! The Powerwave PS5 Controller Charge Cable has been special designed for PlayStation DualSense controllers. The USB-A to Type-C cable charges your controller while you play.

Powerwave PS5 Controller Phone Mount

Bring your mobile gaming to the next level with the Powerwave PS5 Controller Phone Mount. It securely attaches your phone to your DualSense controller for a pro gaming experience.

Powerwave PS5 FPS Aim Assist Pack

The Powerwave PS5 FPS Aim Assist Pack will give you a competitive edge in gaming with the ability to improve aiming stability and accuracy. Choose from Hard, Normal or Soft Aim-Rings to provide customised support and make precise, fine movements in your favourite Action and FPS games.

Powerwave PS5 Trigger Stop and Grip Pack

Get a competitive edge in your gaming with the Powerwave PS5 Trigger Stop and Grip Pack. The enhanced grips add a comfortable texture, while the adjustable mechanism allows you to customise your trigger stop points for faster shooting in-game.