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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons start fresh on a deserted island and enjoy a peaceful existence full of creativity freedom and charm as you roll up your sleeves and make your new life whatever you want it to be.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

Jab, uppercut, dodge, and more to catchy pop tunes in this rhythmic boxing game! Pass a Joy-Con controller to an exercise buddy and box to the beat together.

Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch

The critically acclaimed action-RPG series returns to the Nintendo Switch! Set in the ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village, explore lush ecosystems and battle fearsome monsters to become the ultimate hunter.

Ring Fit Adventure

With the Ring-Con in hand and Leg Strap equipped, it's time to set out on a fitness-filled quest! Explore a fantasy adventure world to defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions using real-life exercises in Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness video game for Nintendo Switch!